Sonoma Red & Olema Green
Sonoma Red & Olema Green

Sonoma Red & Olema Green

[G]Sonoma Red and [D]Olema Green

[Am}Have a little way of getting [C] in between

What I felt and what I seen

Feeling so good like I’ve never been

[Em] This sunset [D] just keeps [Am] blooming

[C] Like a rolling ocean [G] wave

[Em]The clouds [D]so all [Am]consuming

[C]That it’s taking [D]me [G]away

The red is in my body

Bringing warmth and a gentle sway

While the green is on my mind

In a most peculiar way

And they dance in me together to light up this sunny day

they lift my weary spirit like a thermal on the Bay

So come dance with me, beloved

Streaking tracers across the floor

Painting bouncing woozy circles

That I’ll see when my eyes are closed

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