IPA-Core — I Resemble that Remark

Just after we decided what kinds of artists, songs, and genres we wanted to emulate, I saw this article about “IPA-Core”.

It might be fitting that Ted, who grew up in the exact time and place for bands like Toad the Wet Sprocket and Counting Crows to be huge influences, would be a lifetime devotee of what they’re now calling Dad Rock or IPA-Core. But Mike was a mere bebbeh in those days, just getting his grown-up teeth when these songs were on the charts. As a Junior Millennial this stuff still resonates to him as well. And now that we play to a mixed crowd at the Big Rock, one of our biggest fan bases is kids under 10 who see us in the beer garden and resonate with the raw emotion of these songs. So call it what you want — we love it and we’ll keep on playing it.


Thanksgiving Leftovers Show 11/30 5-7pm at the Big Rock Deli in San Rafael

Saint Monday are playing our first evening-length show the Thursday after Thanksgiving, November 30th, at the Big Rock BBQ in San Rafael!
C’mon out from 5-7pm that night — eat, drink, and be merry like Thanksgiving never ended.

The Big Rock has an amazing selection of craft brews, epic barbecue and Mexican entrees, and a heated beer garden where your kids can run wild while you rock out.

We’ll be playing our signature repertoire of classic ’80-’90s alternative songs, sprinkled in with a few new originals we’ve been working on.

See you there!